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Our Shaolin Animal Styles

Shaolin Crane Style in Poole  Shaolin Tiger Style in Poole  Shaolin Dragon Style in Poole  Shaolin Snake Style in Poole  Shaolin Leopard Style in Poole

Learn about the animal styles of our traditional Chinese Shaolin system

What is Shaolin?

This style of Chinese Shaolin Kung fu is unique, much emphasis has been placed upon the tactics and fighting habits of animals. The ancient masters took time to study the way in which each animal used its own efficiency and characteristics as a fighter in order to survive.

Thus to this day the strong animal form influence which has been passed down through centuries of monastic traditions is still imminent to the trained eye. Not only was each animal assessed considering its physical characteristics as a fighter but also its benefits spiritually to the human personality. For example: Tigers have claws (physical) and are ferocious (this is an emotion).

Although this system mainly concentrates on the more common five animals there are still others which have less emphasis. The five animals which are to be considered later are: Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Leopard and Crane.

This particular animal study had the biggest impact as far as this type of martial art is concerned. Many other Kung fu systems have concentrated on maybe just two animals or even named the style after their particular emphasis ie. White crane, Tiger/Crane, Eagles claw and so on. However there are elements of Praying mantis, Eagle, Monkey, Horse and Phoenix.

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Monday 8.00pm – 9.00pm Kung Fu (Intermediate)
Wednesday 8.00pm – 9.00pm Chinese Kickboxing

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